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Preteen Angels

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 18:58:21 -0700 (PDT)From: Bicente Gutierrez Subject: Dreaming of KyleThis story is about a Gay teenager struggling with his feelings towards hisbest friend Kyle. His name is Vincent and as the story moves on, his lifestarts to complicate over one dream he had about his best friend.(Which involed passionate sex)when i look outside my window i see nothing but the crisp morningsun, birds cherping to the bright new day.I took a shower, brushed my teeth, comb my hair getting ready."Mother good morning"awaiting what my mom cooked Preteen Angels for breakfest."Oh, good morning honey have a good night sleep?""Um i guess you can say that." unawear of the dream i had last night (memaking out with my best friend kyle, and then endulging myself inpassionate Preteen Angels sex love)"Good your dad's outside fixing the tool shead, you might want to give hima hand or two." Isn't that funny a hand or two."No thanks Mom I think i'll pass."I ran upstaires to come across my little, idotical bother."What's up Negro,"No lets make one thing clear here, am not black he just calls me thatbeacuse my skin is dark but then again i am a Mexican and i cant change myskin color."Leave me alone fatass."He gets on my nevers but he never relizes it.Leaving my brother i went stright to my room having a crapy morning andtried to fall asleep, hoping i would dream the dream from last night.Next morning i woke up with an outline in my shorts and a wetspot. "Shit" I couldn't believe the dream I had, it was so fucking amazing!I Preteen Angels was careful trying to leave my room, heading stright for the bathroomdoor."oh my god Wtf."I was still so amazed of how i manged to have a statisfying wet dream aboutmy best friend Kyle.Kyle is my long time best friend from birth, we grew up together.I sorta always knew that i had a crush on him, but never acutually thoughtthat i would fall in love with him.I also knew i was gay, i mean giving my background history it sends thatmessege out loud. What i did when i was younger was wrong, but at the sametime i enjoyed every minute of it,"Honey, you've been in the bathroom for half an hour, are you ok?""Mom! am fine i'll be out in a sec." I quickly dressed myself, and walkedout like if nothing happend. (meaning i just had a wet dream about Kyle, inwhich i was on my knees beging for his thick meat in my hole)I went into the kitchen awaiting a series of questions my mom was about toask."Oh there you are, Kyle's out in the patio waiting for you." Well what arethe odd's."Thanks mom see ya." I dashed STRIGHT out the back door. (stright, funnyhow that works)There standing i saw my furture boyfriend, fuck buddy, or whatever youwanna call it!He was perfect, his lips wet, his hands made of steel, his tight ass, hishard chest. It was so diffucult to say hi to him knowing what kinds ofdreams i've been having about him."Hey buddy you ok, you seem kind of lost?"Shit say something dumbass "Sorry.""Its ok, so what's up.""Nothing just thinking." (yeah thinking about fucking you here and now, butthat would seem to silly of me)"Ok sure, so you wanna go to katie's party tonight or what?"(Oh right i forgot katie's party was today, i haven't even gotten her apresent yet.)"Um..... i kind of forgot.""I knew you would, well do you still wanna go?" ( no )"Sure, but i dont have anything to give her.""Dude no worries, we can just say that us showing up is her present.""You do realize that she's gonna kill us if we show up with nothing right?""Well will make something up, come on man me and you think alike.""Huh, yea right speak for youself." ( let me have him Please!!!!!)"Oh ok tough guy you gonna be like that then." I already knew what wasabout to happen.He suddnly tackled me onto the ground standing over me with his perfectbody."Oh come on you Preteen Angels Preteen Angels didn't even try.""Sure i did, your just stronger than i am.""Yeah your right and if you keep letting me win like this, you gonna see meontop of you more often." Bingo that was the plan."Fine i'll start wooping your ass then.""Oh am so scared, my ass is already hurting." He started to slap his butttowards me, which wasn't a good thing beacuse at that split second my bonerstarted to grow inch by inch."Dude are you ok?" said the love of my life"ooooooh man, what happend?""You passed out, are you ok?""Yea i just cant believed i did." Kyle doesnt really know the truth of whyi passed out, I guess its beacuse i got so horny that maybe my hormonesdidn't want me to handle the pressure but am just guessing."Yo Vince come on lets go were gonna be later for katie's party!"Great thats just what i need, a reason to get drunk and get laid by my bestfriend. Man today was turning out to be one of those days that you justwish would never happen."Hey Vince you ok, you look sad?" Said Kyle"Huh, no am fine just thinking." It was hard concentrating my thoughts wheni had Kyle sitting right next to me in his car. Oh yea did i mention thathe can drive, not the best drive i would say but Preteen Angels it's still a sex factor."So listen i was wondering if we should show up as a couple to katie'sparty?" said Kyle"What!!""Yea, it will be funny come on, plus we have dont have a gift for her, usbeing together can be her birthday present." I was so shocked i would havenever dreamed of Kyle even suggesting something like this, it wasn't likehim."Ok sure Preteen Angels shes gonna love it!""Yea, just for fun." So we planed everything, We were gonna walk side byside his arms around me and me giggle like a little school girl. Then justas we walk in the front door he kisses me in front of hundreds of people. (now at this point when i heard that he wanted to kiss me I almost faintedagain but made sure my hormones didn't get the best of me...again)"Ok here we are, you ready?" (honey i was born ready)"Yea sure lets get this over with.""Man everyone's gonna flip, i wish i brought my camra with me.""Yea, yea, yea come one Romeo" (I was pushing him)"Oh when did you get so romantic?""Whatever come lets go.""Yes Sir!!!" If i survive this hes gonna get it hard.We got out of the car, Katie's house was the loudest house on her block amsure neighbors already did there share of complates about the noise. Therewas Kyle standing like a Godess just waiting for his commands. Slowly hestarted to shift his arm around me, i moved a bit closer to him so he couldget a good grip on me. Me and Kyle were a pretty good size. Kyle worked outa lot, so i could feels his toned arm around me. I didn't look half badmyself but not as good as Kyle, i was on the star tack team at school so ihad a well dicent body. So there we were walking up the pavment sidewalkapproching Katie's house. A few people glanced at us trying to see who wewere, its rare seeing to guys hugging in the middle of the night. So now wewere in Katie's yard making our way to her front door, my heart poundingwith every step i took.dump..dump...I didnt understand how Kyle could look so calm in this situataion, but helooked so damn good doing it. By now every teenager who attend out highschool knew who we were and what we were doing. It felt so good beingwarped around Kyle's arms as if nothing could touch us, not even all theeyeballs looking down at us.KnockknockSome jock opend the front door and saw both of us, Kyle's arm warppedaround my shoulders."Excuse US!!" (OMFG, he said "us" he doesnt know it but a tear came down myeye)"WTF are you two Queers doing here?" said the huge oversized monster"Were here for the party." Said the Godess (Godess = Kyle)"Yea well you two Fags AREN'T COMING IN HERE!!!" Kyle unwarppend his armsaround me and puched the Monster out the front door, knocking himbackwards. ."Some people." said my Hero"Yea some people." said his beautiful Queen. (yes i just called myself hisQueen)He took my hand and walked into the house, we went to the middle of Katie'shouse. There in front of all these people he took my face and he Kissed me,sticking his tongue down my mouth letting me tasty his warm, sweet lips. Mylife was complete. I would die here and now in his arms, with his lips ontomine.This short story is dadicated to My Boyfriend Kyle, were so far apart, yetour love is so close together.
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